Robert A. Kierlin

Robert A. Kierlin, (Founder)

Mr. Kierlin retired from the Board of Directors in May 2014. He served as chairman of the board since the company's incorporation in 1968 and is our founder. The company was started with his initiative, vision, and analysis of a business opportunity largely unmet in the fastener supply and distribution markets and he identified the store locations the company initially pursued. His entrepreneurialism, market analysis, determination, operating skill and prudence, strategic insights, integrity, and furtherance of a unique corporate culture based upon finding, directing, retaining, and motivating employees with opportunities and compensation incentives, have been, and continue to be, significant contributing factors to the company's success.

Mr. Kierlin served as the company's chief executive officer from 1968 through 2002, and its president from 1968 through July 2001. In addition, he served as a Minnesota State Senator from April 1999 through 2006, and has been and continues to serve as a board member of multiple businesses and a member and leader of numerous community and educational boards and organizations.