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Fastenal is different things to different customers: a local relationship, a logistics company, a consultant, a technology solutions provider, and more generally, a distributor of wide-ranging industrial and construction products. These aspects of our service share a common foundation: great people, close to our customers, backed by world-class resources. As our capabilities continue to expand and evolve, this is what sets us apart in terms of service, growth, and value.

‘Great people’ speaks to our organizational commitment to bring out and fully utilize the creativity of every team member. We pursue this by prioritizing employee training, by rewarding success and promoting from within, and by maintaining a decentralized culture where ideas and innovation flow in all directions, not just from the top down.

‘Close to our customers’ refers to our local distribution infrastructure – the hubs, trucks, in-market servicing locations, and point-of-use solutions that shorten and simplify the supply chain. It also refers to something less tangible (but closely related) – the customer relationships, collaboration, and strategic alignment afforded by our local presence.

‘World-class resources’ describes the ever-expanding suite of products, services, solutions, and specialists we draw upon to meet each customer’s unique business needs. With offerings that range from custom manufacturing, to subject matter experts in areas like safety and engineering, to e-business and automated supply solutions, we provide value far beyond selling and shipping products.

In an industry that’s becoming increasingly centralized, standardized, and transactional, we’re growing faster – and more profitably – by continuing to invest in the fundamentals of effective service: great people, close to our customers, backed by world-class resources.

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